Menu Planning

Meal planning is key to feeling better, looking better, and being better. As your menu planning coach, I will give you the resources and information you need to get your nutrition back on track or on track for the first time. With healthy recipes and complete grocery lists, my services are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Every week I will post meals for the following week, you will get 3 breakfasts, 6 lunch/dinner, and 1 dessert. Each recipe will be modified to meet your's and your family's specific needs. If you've been looking for a meal planning coach to help you turn your life around, please give me a call at 2 RECOVERY for Health and Wellness today!

NOTE: This is currently only available to former and current clients of 2 RECOVERY for health and wellness, LLC. Due to its customization, I need to know each person's dietary & bio-individual needs, as well as the family lifestyle. To purchase the weekly packages, please email me at